Cash Management that Shares Your Values

Your cash deposits should support what you care most about.

 For some, it means generating high returns. For others, it’s important that their funds are used in ways that match their social values and follow Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) best practices.

AmpersandALIGN™ puts our expertise and services to work to help facilitate the conscientious use of cash. We establish objectives and measurable criteria that gives investors a clearer picture of goals and the progress being made towards meeting them.

Whether that means only depositing your funds in banks in certain states, with institutions that support causes you care about, or those with high rates of return, we’re here to ensure you feel confident about how your deposits are managed.

AmpersandAlign™ puts our expertise and services to work to help facilitate the conscientious use of cash.

Aligning to What is Important to You

Your deposits can make a difference for you, your family, or the causes you care most about. Whether your priority is protecting your funds, supporting communities in need, or maximizing social impact along with your returns, we can help.

Full Faith and Credit

A secure and easily accessible option for your funds, ensuring full deposit insurance coverage of up to $50 million per legal entity for impactful investments.

Impact in Local Communities

Assisting financial institutions in underserved communities that require support in attracting depositors and expanding their deposit bases.
Through our exclusive network of financial institutions, we offer a secure and easily accessible option to protect your funds with up to $50 million of excess deposit coverage.

Yield Driven by Values

Generating a competitive return rate when compared to alternative cash management options can support future impact-focused investments. Banks reinvest these funds into community development, facilitating job creation, infrastructure development, educational enhancement, and the expansion of social initiatives.

Socially Responsible Deposits

Socially responsible deposits (SRD) is an approach that seeks to generate financial returns while aligning with ethical and moral values. It involves selecting financial institutions for their deposits based not only on their profit potential but also on their impact on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

Align™ can help maximize your deposits for you and the things you care about.