How AI and Machine Learning are Transforming the Banking Industry

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more common across a variety of industries. Find out how financial institutions and organizations like Ampersand are leveraging AI to deliver personalized solutions while ensuring the safety and security of their clients’ deposits.

Bank Failure Watch 2024: Republic First

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On Friday, April 25th 2024, Fulton Bank N.A. assumed “substantially all” deposits of Republic First Bank, a Philadelphia based bank with approximately $4 Billion dollars in deposits and $6 Billion dollars in total assets.

What Makes a Bank “Safe?” 

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“Bank safety” encapsulates a mix of safeguards, stress tests, and insurance mechanisms. In this post we take a closer look at what it means for banks to be deemed “safe,” the guardrails that are in place such as bank stress tests, and the benefits and limitations of FDIC insurance.