Treasury Management Services for a Wide Range of Industries

We work with depositors that span all industries and in all 50 states.

No matter the size or scope, we can assist you with all of your treasury management needs.  

Several of our industries include:

Real Estate

Commercial businesses




how does it work?

Safeguard your deposits through a single financial relationship.

AmpersandALIGN™ gives depositors the safety of FDIC insurance for deposits small and large and the ease of continuing to bank with their trusted institution.

Competitive return on all of your deposits

Earn a competitive interest rate with AmpersandALIGN™. Our rates frequently outperform Treasuries and government money market mutual funds (MMMFs) while mitigating the risks associated with prime MMMFs.

Clear and Concise

Embedded transparency and security are integral to Ampersand’s approach. We prioritize making security and success opportunities as straightforward and efficient as they can be. We provide comprehensive reporting and assist depositors in both safeguarding and maximizing their returns.

Helping Community Banks Thrive

By selecting Ampersand for your deposit requirements, you not only secure vital protection but also play a key role in sustaining local lending within your community.

how does it work?

AmpersandALIGN™ operates through a straightforward process designed to meet your deposit needs efficiently:

1. Get in Touch:

Start by reaching out to our team at or give us a call at 262-381-8400. During this initial contact, we’ll discuss your unique deposit requirements and any additional services necessary to cater to your needs.

2. Account Setup:

Once you’ve connected with us, we guide you through the account setup process. This typically involves completing straightforward paperwork. We handle the technical aspects, setting up your online account profile, ensuring it’s ready for action.

3. Fund Your Account:

To fund your account, you can either wire or use ACH (Automated Clearing House) to transfer your deposit to Ampersand. Your funds are then settled into the Ampersand Bank Network, distributing them across various institutions as required.

4. Completion:

With your account funded, your deposit is securely placed within our network. That’s all there is to it! Your deposit is now in the capable hands of AmpersandALIGN™.

Deposit placement through AmpersandALIGN™ is subject to specific terms, conditions, and disclosures outlined in the program agreements. These agreements are important documents that govern the relationship between the depositor and the service provider. There are limits on the amount of deposits that can be placed, and customer eligibility criteria may apply. This means not all customers may be eligible to use the service, and there are maximum deposit limits in place. Deposits made through AmpersandALIGN™ are placed at destination institutions. The amounts deposited do not exceed the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) standard maximum deposit insurance amount at any single destination institution. This ensures that your deposits are protected up to the maximum insured limit. By using multiple destination institutions, depositors can access aggregate insurance coverage across various institutions. This helps to spread risk and maximize FDIC insurance coverage. If the depositor is subject to any restrictions on how and where they can place their funds, it’s their responsibility to determine whether deposit placement through AmpersandALIGN™ complies with these restrictions. This means that depositors should be aware of any legal or regulatory requirements that may apply to their funds. The depositor has the option to exclude specific insured depository institutions from eligibility to receive their funds.

If you are considering using AmpersandALIGN™ or have specific questions about your deposits or the service, it’s advisable to review the program agreements and contact Ampersand at for more information and guidance, as terms and conditions may vary.

For a list of our participating institutions, please click here.