Become a Part of Our Network of Distinguished Financial Institutions

The Ampersand Deposit Network™ was established as a proactive response to support community banks with their funding requirements.

By providing access to a wide-ranging clientele across various sectors, including public funds, foundations, family offices, corporations, qualified settlement funds, and more, this resource empowers community banks to efficiently secure tailored funding solutions that address their unique balance sheet demands.

I've worked with this team for over ten years and they are unmatched in their ability to positively impact our bank.

– CEO, $2B Midwest Bank Holding Co.

Why Choose the Ampersand Deposit Network™

The Ampersand Deposit Network™ offers banks and financial institutions a streamlined and dependable solution for overseeing both their primary and contingency funding requirements. Through a single standard business Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA) or Demand Deposit Account (DDA) account, our network connects you with funding from a diverse pool of depositors who have undergone rigorous Anti-money laundering (AML)/Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) pre-screening. Your organization has the flexibility to determine the funding levels that align with your internal ALM strategy.


  • No obligatory time commitments.
  • Access to deposits can be customized to meet specific ALM (Asset Liability Management) needs.
  • Funds originate from diverse sectors and are primarily non-transactional.

Seamless Interaction

  • No need for integration into a core system; no complex technology required.
  • Utilizes a single MMDA or IBDDA.
  • Complies with OFAC, AML, and BSA requirements and adheres to all bank standards of Customer Information Program (CIP).
  • Offers local, Midwest-based support with experienced account managers knowledgeable in banking and treasury management.


  • Effortless liquidity generation through a traditional bank account.
  • No annual fees or additional costs.
  • Flexibility to adapt to different interest rate environments.

Join the Ampersand Deposit Network™

Becoming a part of the Ampersand Deposit Network™ is simple. You have the freedom to specify the desired rate and deposit amount for your institution. Once determined to meet the needs of our depositors, your institution can join the distinguished roster of over 200 actively participating institutions within our network.

Interested in joining our network of trusted financial institutions?