Silver Birch Ampersand Case Study

Helping Foster Families in Need: Silver Birch Ranch 

Client Needs Come First 

At Ampersand, we pride ourselves on working to fully understand the needs of our clients, enabling us to create tailored solutions that meet their deposit needs. Finding solutions for non-profit clients and faith-based organizations is particularly important to us, as these organizations are stewards of donor funds, given in good faith towards a worthy cause. Additionally, in the case of many non-profits, grant money is often obtained and specific deposit management is required to provide their board members oversight into how these grants are being spent. 

Silver Birch Ranch

Silver Birch Ranch is a non-profit ministry located in Wisconsin, focused on supporting families, specifically those fostering children. Through their exclusive software, Silver Birch Ranch connects foster families in need with donations, advice, or respite care. Additionally, Silver Birch holds family camps, and other programs at its facility. 

The team at Silver Birch Ranch came to Ampersand in the wake of the 2023 banking crisis, with the desire to secure their grant and donor funds through our bank network, and provide detailed reporting to their board regarding financial stewardship. It was their priority to ensure that every dollar would be protected by FDIC coverage, and that banking partners would support the mission of the organization. Through our exclusive bank network, we were able to find banking partners that matched these requirements. 

The Full Case Study

For more information on Ampersand and Silver Birch Ranch, please click here to download the case study. 

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