AmpersandFamily offices

Deposit Management Solutions for Family Offices

Families with significant wealth have distinct financial objectives and aspirations as they seek to manage and grow their assets. At Ampersand, we appreciate the importance of your contributions to the prosperity of our communities. Introducing AmpersandAlign™, a program crafted to empower you to align your financial values with those of your banking partners, facilitating a conscientious use of cash. Whether that means only depositing your funds in banks in certain states, with institutions that support causes you care about, or those with high rates of return, we’re here to ensure you feel confident about how your deposits are managed.


Protected Deposits

Entrust your wealth to Ampersand’s network, comprising hundreds of rigorously screened financial institutions adhering to our stringent underwriting standards.

Strategic Fund Placement

Align your financial objectives with institutions that mirror the mission and values of your family office, enhancing the impact of your wealth.

Robust Deposit Protection

Enjoy peace of mind as your funds are supported by up to $50 million FDIC coverage within our exclusive bank network, supplemented by FHLB Letters of Credit, Surety Bonds, Pledged Collateral and Repurchase Agreements.

Impact Allocation Account

A turn-key solution that enables your organization to make an impact through a supplemental account funded by your interest earnings. These returns are then deployed at your direction to support the organizations and causes that align with your goals and objectives.

Comprehensive Deposit Insurance

Benefit from 100% deposit insurance coverage, facilitated through our reliable network of financial institutions.

Effortless Financial Management

Simplify your financial oversight with easy-to-reconcile consolidated statements, payment services designed for streamlined administrative tasks, and comprehensive account management with fraud prevention/dual control services.

Quarterly Reviews

Avail yourself of complimentary, no-cost bank evaluations/ reviews provided to you quarterly.

Exclusive Educational Events

Receive invitations to participate in invite-only educational special events tailored specifically for family offices.

By partnering with Ampersand your family office gains access to a suite of benefits that ensure the security, alignment with values, and personalized services essential for the prosperous management of your wealth.

Why Choose AmpersandFamily Offices

Unlock the Power of Your Wealth with Ampersand.

We understand that managing the financial interests of a family office requires a strategic and sophisticated approach.

Optimize Your Returns

Maximize the earning potential of your funds by leveraging our deposit aggregation capabilities. We strategically distribute your deposits across a diverse network of banks, ensuring you receive competitive interest rates that align with your financial objectives.

Diversify with Confidence

Say goodbye to concentration risk. With Ampersand, you can diversify your deposits across multiple institutions effortlessly. This not only spreads risk but also provides stability and security for your wealth.

Effortless Management

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our centralized portal. Manage deposits and withdrawals seamlessly, gaining real-time insights into your financial portfolio. Our user-friendly interface puts you in control, making financial management a breeze.

Access a World of Opportunities

Explore a broad network of banking partners through a single platform. Ampersand’s extensive relationships with over 200 banks give you unparalleled access, allowing you to tailor your banking partnerships to suit your unique needs.

Enhanced Security with FDIC Coverage

Rest easy knowing that your deposits are strategically allocated to maximize FDIC coverage across multiple banks. Ampersand adds an extra layer of security to your wealth preservation strategy.

Tailored Solutions for Your Goals

Your financial journey is unique, and so are your goals. Ampersand offers personalized solutions that align with the values and aspirations of your family office. Our dedicated team ensures that your cash management strategy is crafted to suit your specific needs.

Banking Expertise at Your Fingertips

Tap into the knowledge of our experienced team, well-versed in building and managing banking relationships. Benefit from expert guidance to navigate the complexities of managing substantial deposits.

Elevate your family office’s financial strategy with Ampersand Deposit Aggregation – where innovation meets wealth management. Experience the power of strategic deposit allocation, unmatched diversification, and personalized financial solutions. Your wealth, your way, with Ampersand.