Treasury Management Administration

Let Ampersand Handle the Administrative Treasury Management Tasks for You

When you choose Ampersand as your deposit management partner, you don’t need to worry about figuring out the details.

We deliver tailored administration services to all of our deposit clients to help them boost their operational efficiency, achieve strategic objectives, and offer peace-of-mind.

Why Choose Ampersand Administrative Services?

Aligns to Your Objectives

Safeguarding deposits and securing competitive rates are essential. For our clients, however, values and mission are equally crucial. We are committed to aligning with your organization’s values by identifying banking partners that not only fulfill your financial needs but also resonate with and support your mission.

Minimizes Operational Risk

We offer best-in-class fraud protection for your organization aligned with full protection of your deposits. Your sensitive personal and financial data is protected by multiple layers of security. We follow rigorous protocols for information access, and heavily encrypt your data to minimize the risk of your information being intercepted by unauthorized users. Our team follows strict guidelines for data management, and exceeds federally mandated standards.

Complete Transparency

You always have access to your funds and information about your deposits via our secure client portal. And, our dedicated team is ready and willing to answer questions you have about your funds, our processes, and more. We’re always just a call or message away.

Expertise and Service

With decades of experience our approach is simple: provide deposit protection, a competitive rate, and a dedicated relationship manager to assist with all of your administrative needs.

Ampersand’s administrative services include:

  • Lockbox Services: Simplifying and accelerating payment processing.
  • Account Reconciliation: Ensuring accuracy and integrity in your financial records.
  • Tax Reporting: Facilitating tax compliance and reporting.
  • Payment Processing: Efficiently handling various types of payments.
  • Wires/ACH: Managing wire transfers and ACH transactions.
  • Bank Underwriting Reports: Providing comprehensive assessments for banking needs.
  • Merchant Services: Providing competitive rates in credit card processing.
  • Account Analysis Review: Ensuring your accounts are optimized for cost-effectiveness.
  • Bank RFP Administration: Assisting in the request for proposal processes with banks.
  • Interactive Voice Response Call Center: Offering an efficient and interactive customer support experience.
  • World-Class Fraud Protection: Our comprehensive security protocols and advanced IQ technology is designed to provide top-tier protection against fraudulent activities, ensuring the safety and integrity of your financial resources.
  • Ampersand Lending: We leverage our AI-powered platform to source loans for clients by intelligently matching the ideal loan product with the right lender from our exclusive banking network. This tailored approach enables us to provide customized credit solutions that effectively address your liquidity requirements.

Let Ampersand handle your administrative treasury management tasks.