Who we serve

Seamlessly Serving Depositors & Financial Institutions

We’re proud to connect depositors with trusted financial institutions that offer mutually beneficial outcomes though competitive rates, shared values, and more.


Depositors have often felt constrained by limited choices and a lack of knowledge regarding safeguarding substantial deposits. They’ve encountered challenges in effectively managing cash, ensuring deposit safety, securing competitive returns, making payments, handling tax reporting, and balancing internal general ledger accounts. At Ampersand, we take on the responsibility of managing all aspects of deposit administration for our clients while safeguarding their funds and delivering competitive rates.






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Financial Institutions

In an ever-evolving banking landscape, financial institutions have grappled with the task of attracting depositors. Ampersand acts as a vital bridge in this scenario. We collaborate directly with our network of community banks to establish optimal liability management strategies for our clients. Additionally, we offer expert consultation for ALCO committees and serve as a valuable source for primary and contingency funding.

Ampersand seamlessly connects depositors with trusted financial institutions.